Whom do I contact in case my VSAT stops working?

The calls for getting defects resolved can be logged at HCIL Technical Assistance Centre which is available 24 hours a day all year round. Alternately, customers can log calls directly through the web.

What are the numbers on which I can log my call?

You can dial: 0120-3981818/ 0120-4091515.

Do I require a password to log calls over the web?

Yes, a password is required and this can be obtained from the Technical Assistance Centre.

What is meant by 9/6 or 9/5 coverage?

This indicates that field maintenance services will be available for nine hours per day from Monday to Saturday. Similarly 9/5 indicates that these services will be available Monday to Friday for 9 hours per day.

If my service contract is for 9/6 or 9/5 coverage, will I be able to log calls in case of defects in my equipment any time?

Yes, call-logging facility is available 24/7. However, the call will be attended to only as per the coverage plan.

If I have a 9/5-service contract and I log a call on Friday after 6pm, will the call be attended to on Saturday?

No, in all such cases the call will be attended to on the next contracted coverage day. In this case the call will be attended to on Monday.

Is damaged / burnt equipment covered under AMC?

Equipment that is physically damaged due to misuse or site conditions including power supply that is not compliant with HCIL standards are not covered under AMC. In all such cases the equipment will be replaced on a chargeable basis.

What are the services provided under AMC?

Normal breakdown maintenance is covered under AMC.

Once the material has been delivered at the site for installation and I have made the site ready as per HCIL recommendations, how do I request for installation?

Request for installation can be made to your Program Manager; alternately the customer can directly request for installation through the web portal.

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