Digital Cinema is changing the Indian movie goer’s experience, promising superior digital quality prints versus traditional celluloid formats. The films are digitized with the help of digital encoders and sent to the theatres, either on hard-disks or transmitted using a network. Once the theatres receive the content, it is stored on a play-back server and displayed using DLP projectors. Digital Cinema’s most compelling business benefits are significantly reduced costs per print, faster time to market, greater reach and piracy control. Hughes deploys the latest DVB-S2 Adaptive Coding & Modulation technology that can enhance the quality of transmission multifold.

Using a satellite IP-based delivery platform, Hughes effectively uses the inherent capability of the satellite to distribute content from one site to many (multicast). As the number of sites increases, the delivery cost per site comes down for the Digital Cinema service provider and in turn for the distributor. Hughes Content Delivery software (HNS’ EPD2) is based on the SaaS model and hosted in the Hughes Hub in Gurgaon, New Delhi.
With close to 3000 theatres connected, Hughes has a dominant market share.