Managed Network Services (MNS) is Hughes’ complete ‘peace of mind’ solution. It offers an enterprise the liberty to completely hand over the management of its network to Hughes, allowing it to concentrate on its core competence. With its support extending to over 200 cities across India, Hughes makes sure that all SLA parameters are met with no lapse. By leveraging Managed Network Services, customers can ensure an optimal round-the-clock operation for their network:

Proactive Fault Management

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) compliant devices like routers and switches, and data links are proactively monitored from the MNS Network Operations Centre (NOC).The support departments are mobilized as soon as the NOC identifies an outage in the network. This is accomplished through the highly flexible HP Open View Network Management Tool. Easy-to-use with a comprehensive Graphical User Interface at the NOC , this tool helps Hughes engineers monitor client networks round-the-clock to ensure a quick turn-around time once an outage is reported. Also, since the support departments are well integrated with the NOC, problems are immediately escalated to the relevant departments in case the NOC’s first level of trouble-shooting does not yield results.

Proactive Performance Management

Over and above Fault Management, Performance Management ensures that the customer network is up-and-running optimally. Connectivity links are checked for CRC errors and possible bottlenecks.Over and under utilization of links are monitored through the HPOV platform and reports are generated by capturing this data. The data is further analyzed by Hughes engineers and a comprehensive recommendation is given to the client basis the network performance status.

Service Information Portal

The client gets a complete on-line view of its network on a real time basis. This portal can be accessed both over the internet and through the WAN if Hughes has integrated it. It offers a view of the network, detailing every single link and routing device that is being monitored by the NOC. These are color coded to define the actual status at that point of time.

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