Over the last few years, telecom operators have expanded their networks to every corner of the country and HCIL has been a key enabler of this roll-out using satellite for sites not feasible for traditional fiber and microwave deployments. Satellite services with their reliability and ease-of-deployment have really helped service providers make significant progress in reaching India’s semi-urban and rural areas.

Hughes Cellular Backhaul Solutions

The appropriate backhaul solution depends on the specific needs of the mobile operator. As shown in the figure below, microwave is an ideal solution when distances are short and bandwidth requirements high. In most rural backhaul situations, distances are long, terrains are difficult, and bandwidth is limited. In such cases satellite is the optimal solution for traffic capacities as high as 12 TRX.

With pressure on operators for rapid rollouts and high customer commitments on uptimes increasing by the day, service providers can now turn to satellite as a reliable medium. Hughes offers solutions for every cellular networking need:

  • MSC to MSC links (E-links)
  • BSC to BTS links (ABIS Links)
  • BSC to TRAU links (ATER links)

Hughes cellular backhaul solutions have been specifically developed for mobile operators to enable cost-effective service expansion into rural markets. These services are delivered by the HCIL Managed Network Services platform. Our solutions provide high quality links while optimizing space segment resource utilization by coupling appropriate satellite technology with intelligent traffic optimization.

In addition, HCIL offers end-to-end solutions to mobile operators - including system design, hub installation, technical training and comprehensive support — to ensure rapid and efficient implementation of their rural expansion projects.

Key Benefits of Hughes Cellular Backhaul Solutions
  • Customized for optimum performance and operating cost savings
  • Optimizes cellular traffic using qualified optimization vendors and also supports 2G, 2.5G, and 3G protocols
  • Cost-effective equipment configurations
  • Rapidly deployable and highly scalable
  • Supports a wide range of additional broadband IP services
  • Comprehensive field support network consisting of four regional offices and eighteen territories staffed by highly trained Hughes engineers.

Hughes has been a trusted partner to prominent mobile operators such as Reliance, Hutch, Idea, Spice and Aircel to count a few.

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